Successful Chess Club Management Class

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5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Milwaukee Center For Non-Profits

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   What is this Class About ?     

        This class is for parents, coaches and local chess leaders who want to learn more about starting and managing a scholastic chess club. Knowing how to play chess is not a pre-requisite.
For those new to chess the first ½ hour of each evening will devoted to learning and playing chess. Goal will be to learn enough chess to know what beginning students learn and to play students on a beginning level.
The second hour of each evening will be devoted to starting and managing a chess club.

Topics discussed will include:

 Starting a club from scratch
 Chess club formats and volunteer roles
 Chess curriculum for beginning players
 Motivating students with chess ladders and tournaments
 Chess teaching resources – internet, chess books, chess columns
 How to run a tournament using chess tournament software
 WSCF Chess certificate program
 Sample worksheets and how to implement them successfully.
 How students learn chess
 Successful Classroom Management practices
 What equipment do you really need to start a club?
 Keeping a club going after starting leader moves on
 Other relevant topics

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