2022 WSCF Virtual Tournament Season Begins

                WSCF is once again offering virtual tournaments.   These tournaments are online every Saturday with the U800 division starting at 9:00 am and the Open division at 9:15. The weekly tournaments will run through the 3rd week of May.   On the 3rd weekend of each month trophies will be awarded and shipped to the top player in each division and to the top team in each division.  A team score is determined by the top 4 players from each club. 

                Tournaments are accessed via chesskid memberships.   You can obtain a free basic membership from www.chesskid.com and then enter with a $10 payment to WSCF via the donate button.  The entry fee is good for all of the tournaments throughout the season.   You can also access the tournament with a Chesskid Gold Membership purchase from WSCF.   WSCF offers discount Gold Memberships for $15.  Gold memberships purchased from Chesskid are $50.   If you want to become eligible for the virtual tournaments, please email Bob at bob@wisconsinscholasticchess.org .


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