Annual Fund Drive

Dear Friends of WSCF

This is my favorite time of the year. As the chess season wraps up, I get to pass out trophies and see the joy and pride on hundreds of faces. At every WSCF tournament a player will receive a trophy, or a medal and each person is called up in front of one to two hundred people.

For some winners this may be one of many awards that they receive in their youth activities. For many this is their only activity in which they win an award. We like to think we are passing out a dose of self-esteem. You can tell by their faces what it means to them. You can see it in how they carry themselves a little higher and with a little more purpose.

Playing chess improves math and reading scores, teaches patience, critical thinking, and being a good sport to name a few of the benefits. But it is that moment of joy that means the most to each player and to me. Since WSCF’s start over 14 years ago we have awarded with our local tournament hosts 9,000 -10,000 trophies. That is a lot of self-esteem!

You can help us hand out even more in the next 14 years. There are about 900,000 students in Wisconsin currently and approximately 5,000 to 10,000 students who play chess competitively. If ten thousand, then chess is played by less than 1.2 % of Wisconsin K-12 students. We have a lot of room to grow!

Your donation of _____ would do the following:

  • $30 will pay for a month of website support.
  • $50 will pay for a chess clock for a player or for a club.
  • $100 will pay for 10 chess boards for a club start up.
  • $250 will pay for a student and parents to stay and compete at the annual Kalahari tournament.
  • $250 will pay for a scholarship at a monthly scholarship tournament.
  • $350 will fund a club kit for 40 students for a club start up.
  • $450 will pay for two scholarships at one of our scholarship tournaments.
  • $500 will pay for a scholarship at the annual All Girls Tournament.
  • $1000 will pay for 8 Boys & Girls Club personnel to attend an 8-week club leadership class.
  • $1500 will pay for a “Chess for Success “Club in the near north and south sides of Milwaukee.
  • $5000 will pay for WSCF’s office rent for a year.

Regardless of your support you will know that you are helping to bring joy to more students across Wisconsin.


Bob Patterson-Sumwalt                                 Charles Windsor


WSCF Executive Director                            WSCF Board President

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