WSCF Online 2020-2021

WSCF Online 2020-2021”

We have decided to offer only online services for the new year.  It is not likely there will be any OTB tournaments or OTB classes till next fall or even until January 2022. We will offer:

Chesskid Memberships for $12 ($49 if purchased via ChessKid)

Each month we will post the top 100 students for fast chess, puzzles, and stars.   A trophy will be awarded each month in each of these categories.    Students cannot win twice.    Look for the October 1 postings on our website soon.   Successive postings will be on the first of each month.


We will have 3 tournaments per weekend.  One on Friday at 6:00 pm, one on Saturday with 3 divisions beginning at 9:00 am and on Sundays at 4:00 pm.  The fee for entering all these tournament for a full year is $10.    

We will also have a special tournament on the 4th Saturday of each month.   This tournament will award three trophies in each of three divisions.  K3U600, K8U800 and OPEN.  This tournament will cost $10 and sign up and payment will be on our website.    This tournament can be hosted by a school club.   Please contact Thor Templin if you are interested in hosting.

Chess School

We have individual lessons.   These will have a fee of $25.    Payment will be via the donation button on our website.

We will also have classes via zoom.   The fee will be $30 for an 8-week class.  They will be 40 minutes in length, and you must have a WSCF Gold Membership and pay the $10 access to all WSCF tournaments.   There will be 8 sessions, each session will be followed by a 4-round tournament on Chesskid.   One trophy will be awarded at the end of each 8 week session.   These classes will be posted on our website where registration and payment will be available.  You must have a zoom account to participate. 

Individual clubs can set up their own tournament for a club session by forming their own club or they can contact Al Buschman 24 hours before you want the tournament.    He will post it close to the time of your club session so it is not likely students other than your club will participate.


Please contact Bob  at to purchase your Chesskid Gold Membership  and to purchase your access to all tournaments.

Please Contact Thor Templin   at  if you want host a school tournament.

If you would like to have individual lessons please contact  Mark Seghers at

If you would like to be an instructor of a chess class of give individual lessons again contact

If you want to have a tournament just for your club at

Look for postings of classes on our website.  Classes will begin in November.


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