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This past chess season we have touched the lives of over 1600 chess playing students across Wisconsin.   We conducted 55 tournaments, taught 12 chess classes,  led six camps,  taught at two super Saturdays and taught one adult leadership class.  While we have led to a lot of activities, we still don’t have enough funds to meet our budget.

Please help us meet our budget for this past year.   

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We have had hundreds of volunteers literally at our tournaments and in our classes.   Also over 80 club leaders donate their time and in turn recruit others to help with their clubs.   We have a wealth of volunteer labor and not so much in cash that we need to complete our mission.

Our goal is to use chess as a tool to improve the lives of students.  For many, it is their only extracurricular

A happy club leader !

activity.   We see many inner-city students achieve by playing chess. We can see the achievement it in their joy when they come forward to get their medals and trophies.   We can see it as they come forward as a team to get their team trophies.  We can see it when they carry themselves just a little higher in their schools and chess club.  

This email from a club leader and parent is like many we have received in the past 15 years. 
“Thanks for organizing these tournaments for kids.  I see it in my own chess club the excitement that some of the kids leave with.  And it’s amazing how many different teachers have stopped and have mentioned to me how they have never seen a few of their students in such a positive way before.  One teacher even mentioned how it was so good for him, that it was one of the first times she had ever seen him leave the school building with one of the biggest smiles on his face.  And my 8 kids that were at the tournament this past weekend were so excited to tell the rest about it because for a couple of them it was there first time ever playing a tournament.  So thanks again for doing this for kids around the state!  It really is a great thing for them.”

Katy Williams, Jackson Elementary Chess Coach Green Bay.

Again,  thank you in advance for your financial support.

                                                     Bob Patterson-Sumwalt, WSCF Executive Director


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