The 3nd update from Ritika on her participation in the 2014 World Youth Chess Championship:

By Ritika Pandey

Day 6 – For my fifth round I played a WCM from Egypt. We exchanged gifts, and I got a sarcophagus pen. My opponent played the Ponziani, an opening which I was unfamiliar with, and obtained a big advantage. She gained an initiative and beat me. When I analyzed my game with my coach, he showed me how to play against the Ponziani. During the sixth round, which was on the same day, I played a girl from Norway. I won against her. We exchanged addresses, so now I have a pen pal from Norway!

Day 7 – Today was a rest day, so that means there was no rounds today. I went with some of my friends from California and New Jersey on a safari. The first animal we saw was in the parking lot, a warthog was walking around the area. We took some pictures of it, until my friend noticed an elephant. I borrowed my friend’s binoculars to see it. The elephant looked straight ahead at us, and unfurled it’s ears. As we went along the road and saw a lot of impala and zebras. The jeep made its way to the dry riverbanks where we spotted 2 lions sleeping. They were far away, but the binoculars helped us see them. There was a lioness further away from the riverbank who was stalking a herd of impala. We also saw baboons grooming each other and babies sticking with their moms. A couple miles away, we saw a rhino sitting in the grass, the rhino’s horn was big, but the rhino was massive. I learned that it was a white rhino because of it’s white mouth. There is also a a predatory bird called a kite. Kites, unlike vultures, like fresh meat. There was herd if buffalo on the way back, they are the most dangerous out of the big 5. The big five of South Africa includes the lion, the leopard, the elephant, the rhino, and the buffalo. The safari was amazing and a huge eye-opener. I can’t wait to explore the other wonders of South Africa.


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