The 4th update from Ritika on her participation in the 2014 World Youth Chess Championship:

By Ritika Pandey

Day 8 – I drew my game against a girl from France. The game was positional and I ended up in a slightly better endgame for me, but due to time trouble, I accepted a draw.

Day 9 – Before my 8th game, my family and I decided to take a walk along the beach after my coaching session. When I landed in Johannesburg, I had touched down on the African continent. Today, when I ran into the restless ocean, I touched the Indian Ocean. ┬áThe thrill of the cold water immediately put me at ease. As the water rose to my knees, I inhaled the salty sea air. After I enjoyed the beach, we took a walk along the beach. The rickshaws were elaborately decorated and the waves crashed against the piers. After we walked, we had lunch in the hotel, and we caught the shuttle to the International Convention Center. I played a WFM (Woman Field Master) from Vietnam. After the opening, I was slightly better. We exchanged queens into an equal endgame, which ended up being drawn.


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