WSCF at Discovery World

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12:00 am

Discovery World



Registration is not yet open for this event.

Format: Three Divisions, WSCF K3, WSCF K5 and WSCF K12′
WSCF Divisions: Round 1 and 2, G20; Round 3,4 and 5 G25 or G20, d5.

Registration begins at 9:00. Please do not arrive before 9:00 am. . 1st Round play will begin close to 10:00 am. .

WSCF Division times will be at 10:00, 11:05, 12:10, 1:15 and 2:20.

Awards: Five individual and 3 team trophies in the WSCF divisions, medals to all.

One-year Family Memberships will be awarded to the Champion of each Division.

Entry: Register and pay in advance at

WSCF Tournament: $15 by 11:00 pm February 1st.  , $20 by Feb 8th  and $25 by Feb 15th. and $30 onsite.

Parents and Coach Entry

Parents and Coaches do not need to pay an entry fee provided they do not view museum exhibits and restrict their presence to the skittles and tournament area.  . However, for students who want to view shows they must be accompanied by an adult and that adult must have a purchased ticket. Each adult may accompany no more than 10 students.