Here is an update from Ritika on her first three days at the World Youth Chess Championship in South Africa:

By Ritika Pandey

Day 2 – By today, all of the teams had arrived. We took a cultural tour to see the Zulu tribes. We entered their huts and their kitchen, and met their chief. We watched them sing and dance. We also saw crocodiles and snakes, I had a snake wrapped around my neck. The snake was scaly and cold. Right after our dinner, the US held their team meeting there. I was assigned to the USCF coach GM Nick Ded Firmian.  After that I went to my hotel room and slept.

Day 3 – We had the opening ceremony.  It was a nice events with Zulu dancers performing.  I played a woman Candidate Master from Algeria and I lost in a close battle in the end game.


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