WSCF begins online Chess Camps

Beginning June 1st, WSCF will offer a virtual chess camps each week throughout the summer.   Camps will be Monday through Friday for an hour each day or Monday through Thursday for 75 minutes each day.   Classes will be taught via zoom and    Each day there will be new instruction and game analysis of games that students have played.   A tournament will be held within each camp.  Trophies will be shipped to the top three players in each camp.

A free membership in chesskid  (good through October 1st, 2020)  will be part of the camp fee.    Players will need a chessboard and pieces to use next to their computer.  Preferably a board with labeled with the ranks and files.

Different camps will offer lessons to four levels of chess experience.    A beginners camp is for students just starting and for those students with ratings from 0 to 600 (Elo Levels H, I, and J). An intermediate camp is for players rated between 600 to 1000 (levels F and G).  Intermediate-advanced camp is for players 1000 to 1600  (levels C, D, and E), and an advance camp is for players 1600 to 2000 (levels A and B).  Ratings accepted to be eligible for each camp can be WSCF, USCF, Chess Kid Fast Rating, and (g10 or higher).   Exceptions, of course, can be made with instructor or WSCF E.D. permission.

Camps will be taught by WSCF instructors and club coaches within the WSCF community.  

Fee for the camps will be $50 when hosted by WSCF and $60 to $65 when hosted via a recreation department. 

In the first 2 weeks in June, Beginning and Intermediate camps will be offered.   Camp size will be limited to 12 students in the first half of June.  After June 15th, camps will be limited to 16 students.

Please register and pay on our website at   Questions:  please contact Bob at

If players have a current chesskid account, not in WSCF’s statewide club, they will be given a 2nd temporary chesskid account to be used in the camps.

If the player is brand new to chess, then it is advised to open a temporary free account with  Students should take lessons through Pawn, Knight, and Bishops levels and begin to play others via “Fast Chess”  on chesskid.


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