WSCF Begins Online Tournaments

WSCF currently has 1150 members in its statewide WSCF club.   This is the parent club to 30 “Group” clubs.  Each group has a director which manages that local group.   Each group can also have multiple assistant coaches, and many do.    A couple of the groups are 2 or 3 and some are 50 to 70 but most are about 20 – 30 students in size.    The average is 38 students per group. 

 Online Tournaments

WSCF has today started daily tournaments.  These will be held at 9:00 am, 11:00 am, 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm.    Each tournament can happen with a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 64.   The time controls will G5 or G10 in the early tournaments and then G15 in the afternoon tournaments.

Each Saturday we will have a 5 round G30 Swiss.   There will be multiple divisions based on the size of response from the previous week.  Will try to keep divisions between 4 and 64 players.   Will award trophies to division winners and have them shipped.   (not every Saturday), 

Members should see the listed tournaments on the right side of their login screen and/or by going to the fast chess page.   Members can “join” a tournament beginning 15 minutes before a tournament.

Top 200

Each week WSCF will post the top 200 players based on a composite score of Lesson level, Fast chess rating and Puzzle rating. 

The new rankings will be posted each Monday.

This will be done through August 31.   At that time 30”, 26”, 22”, 18” and 14” trophies will be shipped to the top 5 members.  The top 50 members will earn free entry into the first WSCF locally hosted tournament in the fall.

Club Competition

There will be competition between clubs, and we have to work out the details and this will be reposted soon.

Want to be a WSCF Statewide Club Member?

If you are not one of the 1150 current members then you can become a member by contact Bob at .

There will be 3 price breaks for singles, groups 2 to 10 and over 10. 


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