In recent years there have been some excellent movies about chess and its positive effects on children.   Especially those children growing up in urban environments.  Knights of South Bronx is free and can be viewed here.   Brooklyn Castle and Life of Kings can be viewed on Netflix and Pawn Sacrifice is coming out in theatres Sept 25.   What all four of these films have in common is that they are all based on true stories. The first three movies spotlight how chess profoundly changes the lives of these youth.

Knights of South Bronx – 2005

This is a made for TV movie  starring Ted Danson.   It tells the story of a former businessman who teaches 4th grade in a New York school and changes the lives of his students.     Watch it here for free.  Rated PG

Brooklyn Castle –  2012

Brooklyn Castle is a documentary about Brooklyn Middle School IS-318.   It follows team members for about a year and shows their struggles to compete and to maintain funding.   You can watch the trailer here and watch on Netflix or purchase the video.  Rated PG

Life of  a King – 2013

Life of King is a true story staring Cuba Gooding Jr.   Gooding plays Eugene Brown an exconvict who brings chess to youth in inner city Washington D.C and makes a profound difference in their lives.  It can be seen on Netflix and you can watch the trailer here.   Rated PG-13.

Pawn Sacrifice- 2015

This movie is about the life of Bobby Fischer and premiers in theatres in September.   It shows his life as a chess prodigy and his struggle with mental illness.  It stars Tobey Maguire and is rated PG-13.


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