Our Supporters and Sponsors

WSCF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit association dedicated to promoting scholastic chess in Wisconsin. Our programs are funded, in part, by the generous support of our donors.

We are grateful to the following for their generous support.

2017 Supporters

Corporate Sponsor
Charles Windsor
Pete Willemsen
Jun Davis
Linda and Peter Hotz
Ruth Smith
Steve Becker
Bob and Dr. Rev. Susan Patterson-Sumwalt
Jody and Steve Webber
Angelika Henke
Barb and Brandon Teske-Young
Barb and Brandon Teske-Young
Colin Holmes
Craig Haubert
Krishan Suresh
Mark Seghers
Pamela Hansen
Andy and Tiffany Vande Hey
Ben Wong
John Harwood
Michelle Jones
LiYu Chen
Oliver Zell
Below $50Pawn
Friend of WSCF
Lee Galien
Henry Riordan
Mary Baumer
Suzanne Vella