In 2020, WSCF started hosting virtual tournaments via the educational app offered by


2023-2024 WSCF Virtual Tournament Season runs through March 3rd

WSCF ChessKid virtual tournaments take place on every Sunday starting at 5:00 pm with five round G15 in two divisions, U900 and Open. 

Here’s how you join in on the fun!

To be eligible each player needs to be part of the WSCF ChessKid “group.” Following registration for the tournament season the player will be assigned to the statewide WSCF ChessKid “Club.” 

Players can take part in the tournaments with just the free basic ChessKid memberships and do not need to be a current member of an organized chess club group. 

We currently have about forty groups in WSCF’s ChessKid account. If you are not part of one of these club groups, you can be assigned to WSCF’s “at large group” and then be added to the statewide WSCF Club. Once this happens the tournaments will appear automatically on the player’s home screen when they log in. If you are not part of a current group, please register for the virtual tournaments. We will then assign you a username and password, add you to the “at large” group and then to the “WSCF Chess Club.” If you already have a ChessKid account, we will then send you a registration code to add you to the WSCF “At Large “group. 


  1. Register for the entire season via the event page. 
    • NOTE: Virtual season registration is a one-time/annual occurrence. Your season registration and payment must be made by Wednesday in order to participate in that week’s Sunday virtual tournament. If registration is completed after Wednesday, you will be able to join the tournament the following week. It takes a series of emails to be sure you can participate in the virtual tournament and that must be completed by end of day Friday for that weekend’s tournament.
  2. If you are part of a current WSCF ChessKid group we will add you to the statewide “WSCF Chess Club”
    • If you are not part of a current group and do not have a current ChessKid Membership we will create a username and password, add you to the “At Large Group,” and then to the statewide “WSCF Chess Club” 
    • If you already have a ChessKid membership but are not part of a current group, we will send you a code so you can add yourself to the “At Large” group. We will then add you to the statewide “WSCF Chess Club.”
  3. Players log in 15 to 20 minutes before the tournament begins. 
    • The tournament listing will appear in the lower left of their ChessKid home page.
    • Players will then “join” the tournament by clicking on the button. 
    • Their first game will show up at the designated start time for their division. 
    • NOTE: Players can only “join” within 15 minutes of the start time. 


There will be two divisions, U900 and Open. The U900 division will start at 5:00 p.m. and the Open division at 5:15 p.m. Players with ChessKid fast chess ratings below 900 may enter either division. Players with ratings 900 and higher may only enter the Open division. WSCF requires at least four participants for the tournament to take place. If the U900 division does not go then players can sign up for the Open division before 5:15 p.m. 


Trophies – We will award a trophy to the top three (3) players and the top two (2) teams in each division. These awards will be presented at the Grade Level Tournament on March 9th. 

To compete as a team group, the group needs to be sure that they are using WSCF naming protocol (check out our article on Naming Protocol for ChessKid groups.


We hope to see you online this virtual season – practicing your moves and growing your mind. Play well!

Click here for Virtual Tournament Season Registration.