WSCF offers 15-hour camps that are 3 hours per day for five days or 5 hours per day for three days. Camps are open to children who have completed 1st grade through 7th grade. Students are encouraged to learn how to move the pieces before attending.

How to move the pieces can be learned on many websites for free. We recommend a free “basic” membership at

WSCF currently offers two levels of camps which we call beginners and intermediate. The beginner camps are for those students who have little experience in a local club or online services. If students have an online rating or a WSCF or USCF rating, this camp is for those with ratings less than 800. Intermediate camps are for those with a year or two of experience with a club or attending local tournaments and those who have mastered some basic mating patterns and basic tactics. The intermediate camp will focus more on openings and strategies than the beginner camp.

Most of our camps are with local recreation departments. We can also schedule a camp with a club or a school.

Camps are always a balance of chess play and instruction. We also conduct a 5 round swiss style tournament or a round-robin and award trophies to the top winners and medals to all.

If you would like to host a camp, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss and set up a virtual consultation.