8:00 am - 3:30 pm

Spring Hills Elementary School

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Location:  Spring Hills Elementary School 


Format:       Two Divisions,  WSCF K5 and WSCF K12.  5 round Swiss, G30 or G25, d5.

                                    (K5 = kindergarten through 5th grade)

Awards:          Five individual and three team trophies in each division and medals to all.                       

Entry:           Register and pay in advance at  by Thursday March 3rd at

                        11:00 pm.   Advance registration paid at the door is $15 and on-site registration is $20.

Registration:  Registration is open from 8 am to 8:40   Round 1 will begin close to 9 am.   Award ceremony will begin between 2:30 and 3:30. Entrants arriving after 8:40 will probably be required to enter round 2.

More Information:   contact WSCF at or call 262-573-5624 

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Total Registrations: 37

Player NameDivision
Liam EnocksonK5
Grant EnocksonK5
Arjun SureshK12
Aethon SmithK5
Alyssa WoodardK5
Christopher WoodardK5
Bennett FedieK5
Jeffrey QianK12
Jayden QianK12
Lisa ZhangK5
Lake DeFosseK5
Max EnnisK12
Ishaan HarishK5
Daniel HowardK12
Joseph HowardK12
Peter HowardK12
Gavin LibbeyK12
Jaleik SimmonsK5
Charlie HeK5
Steven XuK5
Jeffrey QianK12
Jayden QianK12
Jinu LeeK12
Minu LeeK5
Aethon SmithK12
Elio PiccinelliK12
Colin MckenzieK12
Ethan RichardtK12
Drake JiangK12
Eliana LeonardK5
Ethan RodeyK5
Kashden WesterK5
Rylen WesterK5
Bryant YuK5
Max WeiK5
Neo WeiK12