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Here is the message I sent out via email to all who have pre-registered. 


Parents, Coaches, Club Leaders and Players,


I received an email from UW-Milwaukee this morning informing us that they cannot host us Saturday and that they are cancelling all events at UW-Milwaukee. 


I was fearful of this happening but certainly not surprised.  I also respect them for their decision and agree that an abundance of caution is the way to go. 


Of course, I am deeply saddened by this and know many, many players look forward to this event all year.   


Just read on breaking news that W.H.O has declared a pandemic.   I think our lives will be changed for a while and pray that none of us will personally be affected by this worldwide event. 


We of course will be offering to refund registration fees.  I do however ask you to consider your registration fee to WSCF as a donation.   This event was the largest net event for us for the year and provided a substantial part of our budget.  


Your support is much appreciated.  Please let me know if you want the refund and I will gladly access PayPal and refund the fees.


Again, with deepest sadness, I am sorry that we cannot have this event.   About 100 trophy shelves will have one less trophy. (:


Bob Patterson-Sumwalt 

WSCF Executive Director


639 N. 25th Street

Milwaukee, WI 53233