Thomas Jefferson Middle School Tournament

8:00 am - 3:30 pm

Thomas Jefferson Middle School

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Masks will be required at this tournament at all times.    

Scroll below to see pre-registrations. 

Format: K4,  K8 and Open ( k12 and adult combined) , 5 or 6 rounds, G30 or G25, d5.   All divisions Wisconsin rated.

Awards: Two team trophies and 3 individual trophies per division and medals for all.

A trophy will be awarded to the adult/child combo with the highest combined score.  

Entry: $15 per player for advance registration, $20 on-site registration.

Check-in from 8:00 to 8:30. Round 1 begins close to 9:00. Onsite registration for round 1 ends at 8:15. Pre-registrants arriving after 8:30 and on-site registrations arriving after 8:15 can enter the tournament round 2. Please check-in as early as possible. For advance registration, register online at before 11:00 pm on January 23rd. The registration fee will be paid at the tournament. Make checks payable to Thomas Jefferson Middle School.

Lunch: Available for purchase on-site.

Supervision: At least one designated adult supervisor must be present during the tournament to oversee your school’s team, or individual participants who are in K through 8th grade.

Byes:   Half points byes available at check-in for rounds 1 through 4.

Questions: Contact Joanne LaJoice at or WSCF at  or 262-573-5624.

Who’s Coming?

Player NameDivision
Ryan ZignegoK4
Dominic DevoidK8
Keagan NormileK8
Ryland KleinK4
Ivan RiveraK12 and Adult Combined
Alfonso RiveraK12 and Adult Combined
Prince TurnerK4
Kyng TurnerK4
Paddy BlakeK4
Emery NelsonK12 and Adult Combined
Micah NelsonK4
Leo NelsonK4
Zachary CoxK12 and Adult Combined
Tony LaJoiceK8
Noah BatesoleK8
Eric LiebergenK12 and Adult Combined
Jacob LabonteK12 and Adult Combined
Adam LabonteK8
Andy StallworthK12 and Adult Combined
Lee GalienK12 and Adult Combined
Lucas SeitzK8
David MikeshK12 and Adult Combined
Elijah MikeshK8
Ivan RiveraK4
Sterrett WaltripK12 and Adult Combined
Romeo SuarezK4
Ryan YINK4
Achilleos ManutesK8
Marlon HeislerK4
Tony LaJoiceK8