In 2008, WSCF began awarding scholarships to winners of some of our chess tournaments.   The scholarships are given when the student graduates from high school and enrolls in a postsecondary institution.   The funds are sent to the college and deposited into the student’s account.

To date, $21,950 has been awarded to 72 students.  $8,000 has been paid out and $1,950 remains unclaimed.   The scholarships must be claimed within two years of their high school graduation and, at this time, $750 worth of scholarships have expired.  $11,250 remains to be claimed by future graduates.

To support our scholarship fund reserves and to offer new scholarships, WSCF is beginning a series of monthly tournaments.   These tournaments will be USCF rated G45, d5, 4 Round Swiss and will award up to $600 at each tournament depending upon number of entries.   If the required number of entries is not attained, then 80 % of the revenue will go to the first-place winner in each division.  Each tournament will have an Open section for the higher rated players as well as sections for the lower rated players.


Donations to help with past and future scholarships are welcome.   If you want to donate to one of our special tournaments (All Girls, Grade levels, Wisconsin Dells) please send us an email to and send the funds via a check to our office or via the donate link.

This year’s series of tournaments begins on June 17.  For complete details please go to the upcoming events page of our website.

To see the complete list of scholarship winners please click here