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Format: 5 round Swiss, Wisconsin rated. G30, 13 divisions or G25, d5.
Teams for scoring purposes will be the top 3 players; students. No ½ point byes for this tournament. No playing up at this tournament. Students can play only in their grade of attendance at school.

Awards: 103 total trophies !
• 7 individual trophies in all divisions K to 8th Grade.
• 3 individual trophies in divisions 9, 10, 11 and 12. High school divisions may be combined.
• 3 team Trophies in grades 1 through 8.
• 1 team trophy in each high school division with at least 2 teams.

Round Times: 1: 9:00 2: 10:30 3: 11:45 4: 1:00 5: 2:15 Awards: 3:45 or 4:00

For these tournaments students, can report to their section as early as 8:45 and begin to find their boards. Building will open at 7:30. When the last two players are done with each round the doors will open and players can begin to gather at their divisions. Pairings will be posted at the scoring table for each division and at the end of each row in which the division begins. Chairs for parents of kindergarten and 1st grade players will be available. All other parents will be asked to leave just before each round begins. Students, coaches and parents are responsible for players being present when the round time begins. Plan on arriving 10 minutes before each round to have time to find board assignment. All USCF chess rules will apply for this tournament. All pairing issues need to be addressed at chess control.

Registration Procedures: Registration and payment in advance online and pay via credit card or PayPal. Please check in before 8:30, if not checked in by 8:30 you can check in for round 2 until 9:30

Fee: $25 on line by 11:00 PM Thursday, April 5th $30 on line by 11:00 pm Thursday April 12th and $35 on line by 11:00 pm on April 19th. $40 onsite registration.

Please verify your participant’s registration by checking the online tournament list. If the name does not appear then you are not registered. Also check to see if your card has been charged. If you have not paid then you are not registered. No refunds for this tournament.

Parking: Street Parking and in the public parking beneath the Union.

Volunteer by email and specify which job you can do, to

Lunch: Onsite or patronize local fast food restaurants. Bring: clocks and pencils. Chess notation sheets available.

Supervision: At least one designated adult supervisor must be present always during the tournament to oversee your school’s team, or individual participants who are in K through 8th grade.

Questions: Contact WSCF at or 262-573- 5624