8:00 am - 3:30 pm

Lake Country Academy

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Masks are required at all times at this event except when eating in the skittles area.   Scroll below to see pre-registrations. 

Format:     5 or 6  round Swiss, G30, WSCF K3, WSCF K6 and WSCF K12.

Awards:    Five  individual and 3  team trophies in each division.

Award Ceremony around 3:30 pm if not before.                       

Entry:       $15 per player for advance registration, $20 on-site registration.  Pay registration fee the day of the tournament .

Check-in from 8:00 to 8:30. Round 1 begins close to 9:00. Onsite registration for round 1 ends at 8:30. Pre-registrants arriving after 8:45 and on site registrations arriving after 8:30 can enter the tournament round 2. Please check in as early as possible. For advance registration, register online at before 11:00 pm on Nov 18th    Make checks payable to Lake Country Academy.

Lunch: Available for purchase on-site.

Chess Sets:   This year we are implementing a new policy to supply chess boards for tournaments.   Chess clubs and teams are asked to bring their box of chess sets and set them out for the tournaments.   The TD’s will always have a set of 20 boards but will need the host and teams to help make up the difference depending upon the size of the tournament.


Supervision: At least one designated adult supervisor must be present at all times during the tournament to oversee your school’s team, or individual participants who are in K through 8th grade.   Bring:   Pencils and clocks if you have them.


Questions: Contact WSCF  or 262-573-5624 or  Ruth Smith at 

Byes: ½ Point byes available by request in advance only, excluding the last round.

If inclement weather please check on this event page the morning of the tournament to see if tournament is cancelled or postponed. 

Who’s Coming?

Total Preregistrations: 55

Player NameDivision
Camryn JacksWSCF K3
Hayden JacksWSCF K6
Isabelle JacksWSCF K12
Mason SnyderWSCF K3
Nicholas SnyderWSCF K12
Elliot PerkinsWSCF K12
Christian RuppWSCF K3
Nathan McDonellWSCF K6
Zachary GoldmannWSCF K12
Penny BurkeWSCF K6
Lorelai BurkeWSCF K12
Misael ReyesWSCF K3
Carmen ReyesWSCF K3
Isaac AndersonWSCF K12
Isaac AndersonWSCF K12
Carson KrentzWSCF K6
Naavya GhaiWSCF K3
Elizabeth TarraWSCF K6
Katerina TarraWSCF K12
Louis RuffinWSCF K6
Noah BatesoleWSCF K12
Henry LawWSCF K3
Jacob AlexanderWSCF K6
Emmitt BlahnikWSCF K3
Amity Van Der PuyWSCF K3
Calvin Van Der PuyWSCF K3
Aleks VanDerPuyWSCF K6
Nithya MalladiWSCF K3
Enzo RiveraWSCF K3
Giovanni RiveraWSCF K6
Leo MedinaWSCF K3
Thea BatesWSCF K12
Joy BatesWSCF K3
Axtin HewittWSCF K3
Gio SantiagoWSCF K12
Leah BeineWSCF K3
Tony LaJoiceWSCF K6
Lucciano AviñaWSCF K6
Swaranjana YadavWSCF K3
Lucas SeitzWSCF K6
David BurtonWSCF K12
Sam BurtonWSCF K12
Austin GieseWSCF K12
Reegan CantrallWSCF K6
Julia EnglishWSCF K12
Vedanth UmeshWSCF K3
Keegan RichterWSCF K3
Samuel LarsonWSCF K12
Colton ScharenbrochWSCF K6
Wyatt ScharenbrochWSCF K3
Riley WesenerWSCF K6
Ryan YinWSCF K3
Ishaan HarishWSCF K6
Penny BurkeWSCF K6
Lorelai BurkeWSCF K12