05/11/2017 - 05/14/2017
12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Opryland Resort Nashville - Tennessee

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USCF ( United States Chess Federation) hosts 3  national scholastic tournaments every year.  Every 4 years they combine the 3 scholastic events into one large event called Supernationals.  This combines the National Elementary, Jr. High and High School tournaments.  In the past this event has had between 5,000 and 6,000 participants in about 20 sections.

WSCF will be chartering one or two buses to this event.   We traditionally leave at about 7:00 am on Thursday and then depart at about 9:00 pm on Sunday evening, driving through the night and arriving back in Milwaukee around 6:00 am.


If we charter two busses, one will start in Green Bay with stops in Sheboygan or it may go by I-41 and stop in Oshkosh and Fond du Lac and then one stop in Milwaukee.    The 2nd bus will start at the Brown Deer Park and ride at Brown Deer and I 43 and make a stop at the Holt Park and Ride at Holt and I 43.    If only one bus is filled then it will start at Brown Deer with a stop at the Holt Park n Ride.

At USCF national tournaments players compete in 7 rounds of G120.  With the 1st round on Friday at 1:00, 2nd round at 7:00 pm, 3rd round on Saturday at 9:00. 4th at 2:00, and 5th round at 7:00 pm.  On Sunday Round 6 is at 9:00 and round 7 at 2:00.   The award ceremony is usually at about 7:00 pm and the bus leave shortly after the award ceremony.  If  WSCF charters 2 buses then the 2nd bus might leave at 7:00 am the next day.  This of course involves staying 4 nights instead of 3 and arriving back in Wisconsin Monday afternoon and early evening.  There are also side events with a Blitz and Bughouse tournaments  on Thursday.


Students do not have to qualify to participate in National tournaments and hence anyone at any level of experience can participate.    It is a wonderful opportunity for families and/or coaches and clubs to have an incredible year ending chess season experience.   Wisconsin always has anywhere from 100 to 200 participants in the 3 tournaments.

My son’s have participated in almost every national tournament from Kindergarten through 12th grade with son Marshall placing first in the K12U1200 division is senior year in a section with 300 participants.  I have been to the Opryland Resort 5 or 6 times.   It is a wonderful place with acres of meeting rooms, 5 atriums under glass,  over 20 restaurants and shops, 3 swimming pools  and boat rides open every day.  Beginning participants don’t always play there best chess because of the excitement and scope of the event but it a memorable experience never the less.

Bus information and prices will be posted in the next couple of months.  Please contact me if you are at all interested in the wonderful event.