4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Evangel Assembly of God Church

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Online Registration for this event closes at 11:00 pm on Thursday November 30.   Onsite registration is available.


Format: K6 and K12. G5/ d/0. Number of rounds will depend upon number of entries in each division.

Awards: Trophies to top 7 teams in each division. Both players on the winning teams will receive a trophy. Medals to all participants. Entry Fee $15 per player for advance registration, $20 on-site registration. Pay on online to complete registration Please register on line at by Thursday November 30th at 11:00 pm.

Registration Procedures: For advance registration sign up on line. If you have a partner, then please email me the partners names and all ratings so I can enter students as a pair and calculate their ranks. For pairing purposes, the average WSCF rating of the two players will be used. You can use your USCF rating but you must send an email to the address in the next line. If one player only has USCF and the other player only has WSCF then those two ratings will be used. If a player has both ratings, then the higher of the two will be used to calculate the team average. If you do not have a partner to register with you will be assigned a partner at the tournament. Everyone will have a partner.

Information: Contact Bob at 262-573- 5624 or

Food: Available for purchase on-site.

Supervision: At least one designated adult supervisor must be present always during the tournament to oversee your school’s team, or individual participants who are in K through 8th grade. Bring: Clocks
Inclement Weather: If severe weather goes to the event page for this tournament on the day of the tournament to see if it is delayed, postponed, or canceled.
Rules: Will follow USCF rules for this event.